• Airpool Jets

    Generate thousands of pure air bubbles to caress the body.

  • Target Jets

    Give a precise massage that stimulates specific muscles.

  • Pulse Target Jets

    Produce a pulsating and rotary massage through special nozzles.

  • Comfort Jets

    Send out a flow whose direction and intensity can be adjusted.

  • Dual Comfort Jets

    Generate a sensation of dynamic massage with two rotating nozzles.

  • Rotating Jets

    Generate a stationary or rotary flow. The flow of water can be adjusted by turning the outer ring.

  • Random Pulse Jets

    Generate a unique and random pulsating massage.

  • Whirlpool Jets

    Generate a deep tissue massage. These jets may be positioned on the floor of the Spa for a gentle massage of the feet, ankles, knees and thighs.


Size: 210X110X74 - (2 Seater)
The Gemini is our compact 2 person luxury spa. Despite it’s smaller size, it features stainless steel jets, water features and a fantastic lighting package. It uses the same big pump as our larger spas meaning the jet pressure and therefore hydrotherapy is tremendous. Gemini uses a 2 speed pump and Gecko control system. The pump operates on low speed when in heating and filtering modes and switches to high speed when in massage mode.
 Features :       Specifications:   Jets :    

• Perimeter Insulation
• Thermobond 4 Layer Shell
• Duraflex Plumbing
• Thermoplastic Frame
• Fibreglass Base
• Underwater Flood Light

• Backlit Drink Holders
• Chromo Cascade Grab Bar
• Thermoclad Cabinet
• Lockable Hardcover
• UV

  Size : 210 x 110 x 74 cm
Dry Weight  : 160kg
Filled Weight : 860kg
Water Capacity : 700 litres
Spa Controller : Gecko
Jet Pump(s) : 2.5x1 hp
Heater : 2kW
Electrical Requirements Max : 15 amps 



5” Directional Jet  : 1
3” Directional Jet  : 8
Total : 9
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