• Space Customisation

    separates dry and wet areas and can be completely customized to optimise bath spaces as per requirements.

  • Safety Glass

    made of toughened safety glass and high quality hinges.

Tub Mounted : 1110-T

Safety Glass: 10 mm
SKU: 1110-T

Tub Mounted with Stabilizer Bar
Colour of Hardware: Chrome


Available in :

Width (mm) Height (mm) Code
600 x 800 1400 JSE-CHR-110T0680X
801 x 1200 1400 JSE-CHR-110T0812X
1201 x 1600 1400 JSE-CHR-110T1216X
1601 x 1800 1400 JSE-CHR-110T1618X

 Dimensions can be customized.

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