Architectural Facade

Architectural Facade Lighting

  • Each city speaks of its character in the daylight. Come night; they are illuminated to full glory, getting a new avatar.
  • First impressions last. Whether it’s a person or a building, the emotions evoked at first sight are of prime importance. That’s why so much effort goes into the design of the facade of a building.
  • It is a statement that the architects and occupants of the building seek to project to the world – about the building’s identity, personality, status & individuality
  • With LED lights, facade lighting has become a dream come true for structures.

Services Offered

Jaquar Lighting, with turnkey projects in Facade Lighting in India and a five-year warranty on products, provides end to end solutions to clients- right from project designing & planning to material supply and execution to unmatched after-sales service.

Lighting Design Consultancy

Our professional Lighting Simulation & Design teams PAN India, explore multiple options using various modern and exterior LED lighting fixtures to create patterns, symmetry, scale, balance, contrast, and mood of the space in consonance with the architects' original architecture.

Planning and Installation

Dedicated Project Management teams provide supervision to each project for proper installation and functioning of the products.

Complete after sales service

Our job is not done after completion of the project. We are equally responsible for our after-sales service for 100% client satisfaction.

3-5 Year* Warranty for Products

We not only provide end to end solutions and customize each product according to the client’s requirements, we also offer an added advantage of 3-5 year warranty on each lighting product.

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