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Smart Lights- Explore Futuristic Lights

At Jaquar Lighting, we believe that change is constant, and therefore we have come up with a beautiful, energy-efficient, and cost-effective range of Smart home lights that are engineered to adapt various technologies and help you serve better. Our smart lighting system comes with automated controls that illuminate your room in an instant the moment you enter it and switch off accordingly.

It functions according to the occupancy and does not waste its energy when not in use. The Jaquar lighting smart lights are the perfect option if you wish to opt for energy-efficient cost-effective and technologically forward lighting solutions. It's time to make the full use of technological advancements and make your life better and easier with smart Jaquar Lighting products.

We believe in illuminating every space that you occupy; therefore, we have a different range of lights for every purpose, from smart lights for commercial use to Smart home lighting systems, smart ceiling lights, smart bulbs for home, and the list goes on. We have the perfect smart lighting system for every space and purpose that can change your life for the system. So, say a warm goodbye to all your worries because with our smart lights, you can easily save your time and money and simultaneously witness a beautiful and mood uplifting lighting solution for your home, streets, or workplace.

Types Of Smart Lights

Life would be pretty boring without variety, right? And, when it comes to lighting solutions, you shouldn't compromise either and get to choose from a wide range of options. We have a wide range of smart Jaquar lighting products that are suitable for different pockets and purposes so that you can choose one that fulfills all your requirements. You need smart lights for your home, for factories and warehouses that work up till late night, and for street lighting as well, installing smart lighting systems will not only help you function better but also help you save energy and money. Therefore, at Jaquar lighting, you get to choose the beautifully designed, visually pleasing lights that not only make your work easier but also help you move towards a sustainable existence. Our smart lights in India are specifically engineered according to your purpose; they are eco-friendly and are one of the best investments that you can make. From smart commercial Batten lights to Pride smart lights or vivid smart light bulbs, we have come up with an extensive range of smart lights that are one of a kind in the lighting industry. The smart Jaquar Lighting products are one of the pioneers of smart lighting systems and give you efficiency, durability, and user-friendly experience. You can choose from some of our best smart lights and make a choice that makes your price better and beautiful.

  • Smart LED Lamp Features- Variable Voltage Transformer

    Get in touch with smart lighting solutions at Jaquar Lighting and invest in some of the best Smart lighting fixtures that help you save energy. The smart LED Lamps come with seamless dim ability option, have a longer life span, and have an easy to use customization facility! The best thing about Smart LED lamps is that it comes with a variable voltage transformer that does all the work for you. It retracts the energy only that is required and ensures light according to the changing voltage. With the smart Jaquar Lighting products, you need not fret about the short circuit or high voltage because, as the name suggests, the smart lights, do all the work for you. The smart LED bulbs are the perfect investment for you if you wish to use energy-efficient and safer lighting solutions for you and your family.

  • Vivid Smart Colours LED Bulbs

    Enlighten your house with beautiful lighting and choose from a plethora of colours as we offer you a zillion colour options to choose from. Our vivid smart light bulbs are one of the best options when it comes to smart home lights! You can set the right mood for a cozy dinner, an after-party, or a proper gathering, by choosing from a myriad range of options. From seamless dimmability to changing from soft, warm light to stark white light, you can get this smart lighting system at your home without any hassles. Wondering about getting that right colour?

    Fret not the LED vivid smart bulbs can be easily connected to multiple devices, it comes with an easy Bluetooth connectivity. The CCT Adjustable is a cherry on the cake because you can easily dim the lights according to your purpose, from mood lighting to party lights, with the smart lighting system instilled in the vivid smart colour LED bulbs, your wish is their command. Grouping works easily with these bulbs as you can control the entire range of bulbs using just a click of a button! Artificial intelligence is one of the best features of these bulbs, as it allows you to pick a colour from any picture, any shade that looks good on the eye can be easily emitted by these lights. Light intensity adjustment, a labyrinth of colour options to choose from, intelligent application, are some of the features of this bulb that makes them perfect for every household!

  • Strella Smart Commercial Downlight

    Looking for a smart ceiling light? That turns on and off according to occupancy? We just find the one for you! The Jaquar smart lighting products are one of the best lighting technologies available in the market, precisely because of the way they use artificial intelligence to make your life easier, better, and comfortable. The same is true for our Strellasmart commercial downlights that work according to your presence in the room. The Strellasmart lights are the perfect smart lighting for commercial use because often, employees and workers, engrossed in their work routines, forget to switch off the lights, leading to a waste of energy and an increased amount of bill. With the Strella smart lights, this is not a problem as it detects your presence and switches on and off accordingly! It’s time to make a smart choice like our Strella smart lights and save yourself the effort!

  • Pride Smart Commercial Batten Light

    Tired of switching off the lights of the conference rooms, meeting rooms, and washrooms? Not anymore! The Pride smart lights are one of the best Jaquar smart lighting products in the market that ensures that the energy is used only when in use! Now, you don’t need to be the bad guy and take care of every light because the Pride smart lights do the work for you! Its smart lighting system automatically switches on, detecting the presence of any person and switches in the absence. Investing in these Pride smart LED tube and give yourself the rest that you need! Pride smart lights, making your lives all the easier and smarter!

  • Smart Pole – Street Lights LED Pole With Multiple Applications

    Invest in this next generation smart street lighting system, the first time in India, and get everything in check as this smart lighting pole not only does emit beautiful lighting but also gives you myriad of information, from weather reports to traffic alerts, public announcements and what not! This smart lighting pole is a one-stop destination to avoid any accidents; it gives you weather forecasts and comes with a 360-degree camera that is perfect for surveillance. Now, reduce crime in your streets and help chase the criminals as this ultimate smart lighting pole gets you evidence as well! Its multiple applications make it the perfect long term investment that is sure to reap you benefits for a long period of time. Switch to the smart street lighting with Jaquar Lighting and sleep tension-free at night, knowing that our smart street lighting pole is there for you.

  • Smart Light Manufacturer In India

    Get the best smart lighting systems at your homes, commercial space, streets with the Jaquar smart lighting products. We are one of the first and the leading manufacturers of smart lights in India, as our products are renowned for their high performance, intelligent application, design, and the best prices. We believe in changing with the world; therefore, we have come up with an intelligent lighting system that is engineered to save energy and use it up intelligently.