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Jaquar proudly presents its own range of whirlpools. Created by specialist designers from Europe and made in Jaquar’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Jaquar whirlpools bring wellness into your home with great style and panache. Their jets project water in a flowing, circular motion, which offers a wide array of health benefts, including relaxation, improved blood circulation and sore muscle and joint relief. Whatever you desire, whether hot or cold water massages, long relaxing soaks or even chromotherapy, a Jaquar whirlpool gives you all these and more. Easy to use functions flawlessly switch water modes for your benefit.

Why Whirlpools?


A gentle jet stream massage bath that stimulates from the surface of the skin onwards. The deep tissue massage stimulates blood vessels and nerve endings and relaxes your body’s entire muscular system.

Air Massage

An infnite number of air bubbles provide a caressing sensation on the skin and allow the water‘s soothing warmth to penetrate deeper into the body‘s tissue. This sensational feeling, akin to weightlessness, is accompanied by a deep experience of healing warmth.


The use of various coloured lights offers additional therapeutic benefits when used in conjunction with the whirlpools massage. These include:

  • Green: has harmonious effects on the digestive system
  • Yellow: radiates sun-like warmth on the body
  • Blue: is calming and soothing and lets you float away in to your dreams
  • Red: infuses energy and vitality, giving lost strength to the entire system.


The unbeatable product features are:

  • Brilliant surface of sanitary acrylic
  • Antibac® hygienic surface
  • Increased chemical resistance
  • High break strength
  • Long life


  • Excellent design possibilities
  • Easyglide® layer
  • Low specific weight
  • Recyclable
  • Repairable

Bathtub Layers

Special transparent acrylic top layer has a high chemical resistance to: cleaning agents, perfumed foams, household detergents, body care products. It prevents surface defects, crazing/cracking, decolouration and colour fading

Special polymer for better mechanical resistance to impact and the temperature

Polyurethane layer is recyclable and usable ecological material with high insulation that retains the temperature for a longer period than FRP


Safety Vacuum Breaker

This is one of the important safety features installed in Jaquar whirlpools. In case of blockage in the suction point the motor switches off automatically

No Bacteria Formation

Fresh water everytime. The water pipes connect via Y-shaped housings, creating a bow which ensures the complete drainage of water. Unpleasant odours and, even worse, bacteria are thus avoided

Environment Friendly

The pipes are made from special Food Grade PVC. These pipes have an anti bacterial coating on the inner side so that even if some drops of water stay behind after the tub is drained, there won’t be any bacteria formation in the water droplets.


3 Tier Test

Each and every Jaquar whirlpool goes through a functional test with hot water after which it is tested on a European test machine for earthing resistance, insulation test and a high voltage test.

Easy To Use

The electronic keypad control activates all the hydromassage functions, to regulate airpool intensity. All electronic parts can be installed and removed on site, thus making after-sales, what it should ideally be - a service !

Water Jets

The effectiveness of the hydromassage is enhanced by the water flow which can be adjusted in intensity and direction to suit personal needs, in order to gently massage delicate areas.


Airpool Jet

The airpool jets provide a gentle and delicate massage on your spine, which increases the sensation of warmth in the body and has benefcal effects on the back. The air bubbles open the insulation layer by oxygenating the body

PMMA Sheet

Jaquar whirlpools are made of the highest grade of PMMA acrylic sheets.

Air Suction Valve

To enable suction of atmospheric air, and distribute it to each and every water jet to boost the jet pressure